NDLG planning session 2021

When: Friday, 23rd April, 1pm to 3 pm

Where: Algie Hall, Neerim South

The Neerim District Landcare Group has rescheduled its program planning session for 2021.

We would really value ideas from the community and ask as many of you as possible to contribute to our planning.

Firstly we invite you to come to the Algie Hall on Friday afternoon, 23rd April to join in our discussions.

If you can’t make it to the Hall we welcome your thoughts on what the priorities should be for landcare in the district by replying to this email.

We will take all ideas into account in our planning.

To help with your thinking you might like to consider the following local landcare goals. We are interested in the priority you would put on these goals.

  1. Increase local landowner interest in, and capacity to adopt landcare practices and behaviours
  2. Develop large landscape scale projects to enhance biodiversity and local amenity on private and/or public land
  3. Build social connections around common (land care) interests
  4. Reduce the impact of pest plants and animals around the district
  5. Build awareness of local assets and promote their protection/enhancement (eg significant trees, burrowing crays , eagles etc)
  6. Other?

We look forward to seeing you at our planning session on Friday, 23rd April or your thoughts via return email.