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NDLG Programs

Fox Control Program

Farm productivity and the health of our natural biodiversity are both dependent constraining fox numbers to a reasonably low level. By coordinating a wide range of fox control activity throughout the community we maximise the impact of everyone’s individual efforts.

If you are interested in participating in the program to control fox numbers then please register your interest here.

Indian Mynah Control Program

Indian Mynah birds have a detrimental effect on the health of our local native biodiversity. The Mynah Control program supplies traps and information to help people control these pests effectively and humanely.

Weed Control Program

Controlling weeds is a huge problem across Australia and Neerim District has its fair share of weeds that need to be controlled. The group typically runs a couple of field days each year to provide information about our local weeds and the best options for controlling them on your property. The field days also inform landholders about what their legal obligations are concerning the control of weeds as well as highlighting what assistance programs or information is available to help.  Information about any upcomming events or field days are published on this website and if you elect to subscribe to News Updates service you will receive notifications and timely reminders of any upcomming events.

Local Schools Support Programs

Frog Pond

NDLG supported the NS Primary School to install a series of Frog Ponds in order to assist students to learn more about the value of natural biodiversity and the importance of maintaining good water quality in the environment.

Plant Nursery
NDLG is also supporting the NS High School with the installation of a small hot house which they will in time use to grow many of the plants that will be used in developing the NS Wetlands development.

Tarago Catchment Sustainable Farms Program

This program is the result of a win-win partnership between NDLG and Melbourne Water.  Melbourne Water has supported the TCSF Program since 2007 as one of a number of strategies to manage the risks to water quality within the Tarago Resevoir Catchment. The program provides a range of assistance to landowners to carry out onground works or adopt new practices that will lower the risks to water quality within the catchment. If you are interested in the Tarago Catchment Sustainable Farms Program you can register your interest here.

Farmers Teaching Farmers – Pilot Program

Landcare is a very strong believer in the value of the localised knowledge within our farming community and the FTF program was established to facilitate the sharing of that local knowledge and to provide practical assistance to farmers wanting to trial new ideas on their farms.  If you are interested in participating in the Farmers Teaching Farmers program then please register your interest here.

Focus on Fauna Program

Focus on Flora Program