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Red Hill Creek project

Red Hill Creek project news update –  Dec 2017

This project supports land managers along the Red Hill Creek to:
  • reduce weeds
  • install fencing to remove livestock from the creek
  • protect the creek banks and remnant vegetation from further erosion
  • plant native revegetation
  • restore habitat including log reinstatement and nest box installation
Stage 1 in 2015 commenced with landholder funding from the Neerim District Landcare Group to reduce infestations of glyceria or sweet reed grass (Poa aquatica) along the creek….
Stage 2 in 2017 focuses on restoring habitat for threatened species in the area by further reducing glyceria infestations, installing fencing to remove livestock access to the creek and planting native species to reduce soil erosion.  Stage 2 funding is supported through NDLG and the Victorian Government’s Community Volunteer Action grants.

The Neerim District Landcare Group continue to explore grant opportunities for this inspirational long-term project.

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