eDNA – Farm Creeks Biodiversity: Presentation of Results

When: Wednesday 24th March, 6.30pm

Where: Jindivick Hall

Neerim District Landcare Group, Jindivick Landcare Group and EnviroDNA will present the results on biodiversity in the waterways flowing into the Tarago Reservoir.

Many of us came together, back on the 29th November 2019, to collect water samples from 8 sites in Neerim District and Jindivick that flowed into the reservoir. Those water samples have been tested for environmental DNA and the results are in. You don’t have to have been at the sampling day to get the full benefit of the results presentation so come along even if this is your first exposure to environmental DNA monitoring.

COVID prevented us gathering to report the results until now. But on the 24th, Josh Griffiths, wildlife ecologist and platypus expert from EnviroDNA, will present the results from all the samples collected.

Every creature leaves traces of their DNA in their surrounding aquatic or terrestrial environment, through skin cells, hair, scales or feathers and other bodily secretions. This is environmental DNA (eDNA).

Pizzas will be served at the start of the night followed by the results and discussion.

Please RSVP by Monday, 22nd March for catering purposes to Phil Darton

phone: 0408351915 or email: darton@dcsi.net.au

This project is funded by Melbourne Water through the Tarago Catchment Healthy Farms Program