Local School Programs

Frog Pond

NDLG supported the NS Primary School  to install a series of Frog Ponds in order to assist students to learn more about the value of natural biodiversity and the importance of maintaining good water quality in the environment.

Habitat Garden

NDLG supported the Neerim District Rural Primary School at Nayook to plant a native garden for bandicoots and other wildlife and continues to support the school's sustainability and environment day activities.

Plant Nursery

NDLG has supported the Neerim South Secondary College with the installation of a small hot house which they have used to grow many plants during the development of the NS Wetlands.

making mud seed bombs at the hot house for local plantings

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Tarago Catchment Bus Tour
The bus tour will drive around the edge of the reservoir on the limited access road. We will talk about the history of the weir and reservoir and view some ‘Tarago Healthy Farms’ projects on local farms and farmers will talk about the benefits of the program to their property. More